Work Process of Crowd Source

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Learning & Testing

Keyers are trained on the system. Only the qualifier can start the job.

Selecting Jobs in our task list

Keyers are selecting jobs that they qualified to achieve quality and productivity.

Each Job has an application mask and dictionary to be designed.

Customize the keying job with specific process based on customer's demand to achieve the efficiency.

High Standard Quality Controls ensure the jobs getting high accuracy

Smart Business process decide perfect job with experience Quality controller who ensure it meets your quality level.
  • Worker 1
  • Review 1
  • Review 2
  • Complete
    Quality Assured Work

Well monitoring and performance result based

Keyers are motivated by real-time achievement of best performance.
High-performing keyers receive increased payment and earn access to regular jobs.
Underperforming keyers are rejected from the jobs until they undergo further training.

Promotions and Rewards

Keyers will be received promotions and rewards depended on work result.
If the keyers can meet the target, they are able to receive extra works and suitable compensation.
If the keyers can not meet the target, they are requried to reduce the quantity of tasks and trained again until they can catch up the target.

The Advantages of Crowd Source

High qualification
Ensure the quality
Amazing speed
24/7 customer support
Reasonable pricing
Bring profit and scalable
Subtainable development in the marketplace


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